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Hello Eco Baby Fabric Softener

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Hello Eco Natural Orange Oil Baby Fabric Softener (1L)

│ Description │

Hello Eco Baby Fabric Softener deodorizes, disinfects, and maintains softness of fabric. Hello Eco Baby Fabric Softener enhances softness of fabric and prevents static cling, so you can feel the softness of clothes each time you wear them. By reducing fabric damage rate, your clothes can feel like new clothes each time you wash and wear them. Its guanidine polymer agent adds extra disinfectant, deodorization power. Its silicon derivative reduces wrinkles in your fabric.

│ Function │

Hello Eco Baby Fabric Softener will make your clothes more soft, smooth and fluffy. It will prevent static cling and extend life span of fabric. It will also deduce wrinkles in clothes and to makes it easier to iron them.
Add Hello Eco Baby Fabric Softener during the rinse cycle. Be sure not to rinse again. To enhance softness and scent, increase the amount of use.

* Antibacterial Effect: Vegetable oil extracted, hypoallergenic antibacterial ingredient eliminates germs and bacteria as if you were boiling clothes
* Eliminates Detergent Residue: Removing detergent residue in the fabric will maintain the softness of clothes
* Mild Scented: Mild and luxurious scent will maintain the freshness of clothes

│ Feature │

* Scent Name: Blue Bianca
* 7 free: Hello Eco Baby Fabric Softener avoids using 7 harmful ingredients to protect our skin.

│ Recommended Amount for Use │

* Big Load (More than 8kg): use 25ml
* Medium Load (Between 5~7kg): use 20ml
* Small Load (Less than 4kg): use 15ml