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Hello Eco Kitchen Cleaner (Oil Stain Remover)

Product Detail Information

Hello Eco Natural Orange Oil Kitchen Cleaner (Oil Stain Remover) (500ml)

│ Description │

Natural Orange Oil will eliminate any oil stains

│ Function │

Hello Eco Kitchen Cleaner contains natural orange oil extract which enables removal of any oil stain or mold in our kitchen.
Hello Eco Kitchen Cleaner is a foam type cleaner which generates foam to remove any set stain.
Fresh orange scent is a plus!!!

│ Feature │

Contains Natural orange oil and surfactant made from vegetable oil.
Disinfectant made of vegetable oil extract to remove germs better
*7 free: Hello Eco Kitchen Cleaner avoids using 7 harmful ingredients to protect our skin.

│ Recommended Amount for Use │

Spray 3~5 times on the stain.